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dog-cat-umbrella-graphicDid you know? Mosquitoes can spread Heartworm, a harmful disease that affects both dogs and cats. As its name implies, Heartworm lives in the blood of a pet's heart and blood vessels. We recommend annual screenings for pets, even if they are already on preventative products.

Throughout the month of April 2018, purchase an "April Showers Umbrella" at South Bend Animal Clinic for $1 to write your pet's name on it. All of the proceeds will go towards much needed treatment for a Heartworm-positive pet in a local shelter. 

This is the second year we are doing this event. Thank you in advance for your generosity! Unfortunately, the disease is fatal if left untreated, so this support is critical in the lives of many local animals.

Learn more about Heartworm and other parasites here.